We have a database of European subcontractors. Mainly Polish construction subcontractors with whom we have been cooperating for many years. Hard work and competitive prices are the determinants of our company.

  • Each customer is asked to provide detailed information, so that based on high standards we can determine the appropriate demand, contacting experts in the field. You will have the opportunity to ask a set of questions to subcontractors directly.
  • You can always contact us with questions or observations. We ensure that everything is done in accordance with European and Belgian legislation.
  • Do you want European quality products to be manufactured at very low prices? Wood, steel, building materials, metalworking, etc.
  • We provide all necessary legal documents, such as Limos's declaration and A1 documents.


    We operate in sectors such as construction, industry, telecommunications, etc. ... Euworkpower offers subcontracting tailored to the client’s needs:

    Construction sector

    • general construction work
    • masonry work
    • plastering work
    • painting works
    • formwork work
    • concrete work
    • demolition work
    • sanitation work
    • the carpenters
    • roofing work
    • electrical work
    • road construction
    • CV and installation work
    • renovation work
    • floor work

    Industrial sector

    • prefabricated and concrete structures
    • building different types of structures
    • building industrial halls
    • different welding tasks (welding in different ways)
    • maintenance of machinery, cranes, trucks and other rolling stock
    • construction and operation of production lines
    • the relocation and reconstruction of production lines
    • metalworking
    • installation of solar boilers, solar panels, solar panels, solar panels...
    • loading and unloading, driving a forklift


    • we cooperate with a Polish architectural firm
    • architectural visualizations
    • building visualizations

    Administrative services

    Our offer also includes support for:

    • accounting department,
    • HR department,
    • legal department.

    Do you want to start a business in Poland?
    Do you want to work based on proven construction partners in Poland?
    Do you want to come or live in Poland?

    Our services include:

    • accounting,
    • personnel matters,
    • professional legal advice.

    Use our experience and avoid wasting time! Take your time to make money instead of worrying about whether the invoice will be paid on time.


    • Euworkpower is committed to quality, flexibility and reliability.
    • Euworkpower builds business cooperation on the basis of reliable construction experts.
    • You do not enter into a contract indirectly through Euworkpower, but directly with a construction investor.
    • Euworkpower shall not be responsible for the proper performance of the contract.


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